White Wizard Games Fair Registration 2017

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White Wizard Games Fair Registration 2017

White Wizard Games Fair Registration 2017

$ 50.00

White Wizard Games Fair 2017 is a celebration of all four White Wizard Games products: Star Realms, Epic Card Game, Hero Realms, and Sorcerer! Please join us this November 17th through November 20th for a chance to meet our designers, to compete for fun and prizes, to become a Star Realms and Hero Realms Legend, and to qualify and play in the Epic World Championships!

Pre-Register for either the General or the Weekend Gamer Pass to receive a free promo card at the Fair! If you pre-register, the General Pass is free. 

 General Pass $5 (FREE with Pre-Registration!) 

The General Pass includes:

- free demos of all of our games, Star Realms, Hero Realms, and Epic Card Game

- preview and learn about our new upcoming game 

- meet the team, artists, and game designers 

- meet and play Epic against Magic: the Gathering Pro players

- meet and play Star Realms against top ranked Star Realms players 


Weekend Gamer Pass $50

The Gamer Pass includes everything that comes with the Gamer Pass PLUS free entry to all events and tournaments for the entire weekend.

(Players who are already qualified for the World Championship will receive a complimentary Gamer Pass, and do not need to purchase this ticket)


Weekend Gamer Pass includes free entry for all events, including:

  • Last Chance Qualifiers for the 2017 $100,000 Epic World Championship
  • Epic Cube Draft and Constructed Tournaments
  • Dark Draft and Random 60 Tournaments
  • Daily Star Realms $1,000 Live Digital Tournaments
  • Star Realms Legend Series (Saturday)
  • Hero Realms Boss Challenge
  • Hero Realms Campaign Play
  • Hero Realms Legend Series (Sunday)
  • Star Realms & Hero Realms Casual Tournaments
  • Epic Card Game Qualifier for the 2018 Epic World Championship


Last Chance Qualifiers for the 2017 Epic World Championships

Our Limited LCQ events are in the “Random 60” format. Our Constructed LCQ events are in the “Full Constructed” format. Details about both can be found at http://epiccardgame.com/formats

Everyone who qualifies to play in the Epic World Championship will win at least $500 at the Championship. The top eight players will advance to the finals on Monday, where the winner will win $25,000 and will carve their name in Epic Card Game history.

 Complete rules for the World Championships can be found at http://epiccardgame.com/worlds/


On Demand Tournaments: Draft, Constructed, and Random 60 formats

Play in Pack Draft, Dark Draft, Constructed, or our version of sealed-deck called Random 60. Each event will have eight players, and lasts for three rounds.


Epic Worlds 2018 Qualifier

If you didn’t make your way into this year’s World Championship, there is always next year! The road to the 2018 Epic World Championships begins here, at Wizards Game Fair!


Star Realms

Learn To Play demos all weekend long in the Star Realms Area

We will teach players how to play Star Realms all weekend long. New players can learn the basics, and experienced players can learn about some of the deeper strategies behind the game.  


Star Realms $1000 Events

Conquer the stars! We will have tournaments using the Star Realms digital app on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The top players will split one thousand dollars in cash, and everyone who enters will win a prize. To enter, players must be in person, have their own device, and own every expansion. Each round will be a different format: one round could use every card ever released, another could feature just the first set, or something in between.


    Star Realms Legend Series

    How would you like to become a ship Captain, an Admiral, or a High Priest in the Star Realms universe? Or, perhaps you’d prefer to have a ship or planet named in your honor? Now is your chance! The Legend Series is your chance to have your name and likeness used on a future a Star Realms card! This event uses the physical card game version of Star Realms, both the first set and Colony Wars.


    Hero Realms 

    Come and demo (and purchase!) the game made possible by you through our recent Kickstarter! Now is a time for heroes -- stand up for crown and country and become a hero of the realm! 

    Learn To Play demos all weekend long in the Hero Realms Area

    We will teach players how to play Hero Realms all weekend long. Find out about the game, our character packs, and our upcoming campaigns.


    Hero Realms Boss Challenge

    Bring a group of adventurers or arrive alone and we will put groups together. Each round, one person in the group will be assigned to be the boss against another team. Score points for your team either as an adventuring party or as the boss. The team with the most points at the end of the event, wins!

    Hero Realms Campaign Play

    Groups of five will use characters to progress through the three chapters of the Hero Realms Ruin of Thandar campaign. Games are played as a group against a deck that will challenge your strategy, tactics, and luck. Defeat the first stage of the campaign to progress to stage two and eventually the final, third, stage. If you attempt a stage and fail, you can try again. Play at your own pace all weekend. 

    Hero Realms Legends Series

    Now is a time to become a Hero! The Legend Series is your chance to have your name and likeness used on a future a Hero Realms card! Play head-to-head against others to progress through the tournament. The highest-rated Wizard, Fighter, Cleric, Ranger, and Thief will advance to the playoffs, along with three other highest-rated players in the tournament. The winner will become the first Hero Realms Legend! 


    Hero Realms Four-player Free-For-All Casual Tournaments

    Four players competing in a brawl! 


    Our Upcoming Game Sorcerer! 

    Our newest game will be on display! Take a demo and play our new strategy card game! More details coming soon...


    (All events subject to change.)