Crisis: Events

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Space is home to a multitude of epic events and cosmic phenomenon. Even the mightiest of star ships seems insignificant in the face of supernovas, black holes, and comets.

This pack contains 12 cards:

  • 1 Black Hole
  • 1 Bombardment
  • 2 Comets
  • 1 Galactic Summit
  • 2 Quasar
  • 1 Supernova
  • 2 Trade Mission
  • 2 Warp Jumps

Combine them into the Star Realms Deckbuilding Game and/or the Colony Wars expansion. Just shuffle these cards into the trade deck after you lay out the trade row, and you are ready to play!

When an event enters the trade row, follow the instructions printed on the card, then scrap it immediately. Events have powerful one-time effects that affect all players.


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